Tired but wired

Just got home. Maybe that’s not late for you guys (whoever you are, reading this) but for me it feels sepulcral. Okay, not really the right word, but I’m going for feel not literal meaning at this hour. Late night last night and it looks like I’ll be out really late tomorrow night, too. Suddenly I have a social life. This is entirely new to me. I come from a long and noble family tradition of vegging out every night until about nine when we turn in. At our house, we call it “assuming the position”, which might sound dirty to some of you, but it just means once the dinner dishes are cleared away, Dad, Mom, me and sis adjourn to the family room and take up our informally assigned seats (recliner, love seat, rocker and floor respectively) where we stare at various home improvement programs and That Seventies Show syndicated re-runs until it’s late enough that we don’t have to feel ashamed of going to bed. Recently we’ve discovered the Colbert Repor(t), which has given us a new reason to stay up til ten.

That was my life.

Now I’ve got all these friends who are so into doing things that I’m almost never home anymore. It feels great, like I’m really alive! But I also miss the quiet old days with the fam. But it’s okay, I can do them both: I just need to set aside quiet time. It’s a skill I just haven’t fully mastered yet.

Well, gotta get to bed. Working the late shift tomorrow and then straight to JBX for fun. (Why did that JBX thing fail??)


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