May the blog be with you

Okay, I’ve gotta do it, too. I have to plug our new blog, Dead Fish and Unnamed Substances: Life Among the Stacks, an irreverant look at libraries from the inside (the stinky side), somewhat along the lines of Is That the Library Speaking? by Ken Hornsby. And if you’ve even heard of that book, kudos to you and your Random Knowledge check. The blog depends heavily on the comedic value of kangar**s, which have become the butt of so many of our dirtiest jokes that they must heretofore be spelled with asterisks in place of the o’s.

You know who else must now be spelled with an asterisk: my friend agathos_daimon‘s dog, Bilb*, who tonight chose to redefine our relationship. I’ll say it this way: If he doesn’t call my right leg tomorrow, it’s going to feel very cheap and used. I suppose I should feel special, particularly after learning that mine is the first leg to tempt Bilb* into cheating on his long-time lover, the Didgeridoo. (What is with our despoiling of honored Australian traditions?) Anyways, maybe this is why the Sphinx is winking. But not why the Sphinx is hungry. Don’t read that much into it. I’m just a bit peckish, is all. Dinner was a long time ago.


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