I smell a new obsession

Just got back from seeing Aeon Flux with musegryph and biblio_girl. Okay and the big twist for me (no spoilers, don’t worry) was not why are people disappearing or what is the government hiding, but where the hell have I seen that guy’s face before? Seriously, the characters weren’t the only ones deja-vuing here. And I’m not talking about Johnny Lee Miller, who some of us affectionately refer to as the Manwhore (long story involving an innocent Google image search gone horribly wrong). No, I’m talking the guy playing his brother. All I could think was, “I didn’t like you wherever it was I saw you before, but I sure like you now!”

Well, I came home and went right to imdb.com. Apparently I don’t watch enough Xena or LOTR, because what shocked me is that guy was totally Decker from Timeline! The mind boggles.

Okay, aside from obsessing over the male lead, which is not the point of the movie (I do keep forgetting that… hello, Phantom of the Opera!), I was very impressed by the entire experience. For us sci-fi fans subsisting on a meager diet of Imitation Trek and Edgy Human Dramas Incidentally Placed in Space, this was a pleasant surprise, along the lines of Serenity: an original take on technology and the future, a believable new world populated by familiar themes and emotions, a twisty plot with lots of action and some romance thrown in. I loved it! I haven’t read any other reviews as yet, but judging by it’s lack of publicity, I suppose I’m not in the majority in my assessment. I could give a shit. Really. This movie is worth owning. And if you’re going to nit-pick because it strayed too much from MTV’s animated Aeon Flux, well I can’t help you there since I never saw it. But do what I do when Hollywood “murders” my favorite novels: just take it as a brand new story. And with this story–cast, filming, effects and all–it’s worth it. IMHO.


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