My favorite obsession… for now.

Okay, as previously mentioned, I went to see Aeon Flux again last night, this time with biblio_girl and Caffeine Chick, who’s such an LOTR fan, she recognized Trevor Goodchild immediately as Celeborn. I don’t know how.
See for yourself. (Includes Decker from Timeline and Borias from Xena, too.)
Wow, Hippie Platinum is definitely not a good look for our Sir Hotness, as biblio_girl has fondly dubbed him. (For accuracy’s sake, and to demonstrate our healthy footing in reality, I will mention here that the man’s name in fact is Marton Csokas, pronounced “cho-kash.”) That’s fine, let Orlando Bloom have the blond wigs. But if you’re gonna talk about careworn, mussed hair, long sweeping coats with aristocratic collars and edgy patchwork sleeves with flared cuffs, lots of black with clean Asian lines and anti-utopian textures–our Sir Hotness rules it all.

Gotta love the wardrobe of Aeon Flux. It’s like Project Runway did a challenge around the theme of mankind’s extinction. I call it: Going Out In Style.


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