Because the men’s room doesn’t have that sweet couch.

At a coffee house with friend M., who’s deaf, and her brother S. So M. comes back to the table and signs to S. that they’re all out of paper towels in the ladies’ room, could he let the staff know. S. hops up, then stops and you can see the exact moment when the realization hits him and he says, “Wow. This’ll be awkward.”

When S. came back, though, he said they just gave him a funny look. Probably because they were already distracted by the weird guy ordering a latte and complaining loudly about how he’s mad because he’d tried so hard to get laid the day before, but it hadn’t turned out. So a guy knowing the status of the ladies’ room paper towel supply was the least of their worries. We’re all having a good loud laugh at this story (which is being both spoken and emphatically signed) when S. suddenly falls silent with a sheepish grin. We follow his gaze to see a disgruntled young man glaring at us from a sofa in the corner. Some lessons we learn the hard way: If you don’t want a bunch of perfect strangers laughing and gesturing about your sexual ineptitude, you probably should save those kinds of complaints for a shrink, not your local barrista.

That’s when M. realized her purse was gone. We’d switched tables at one point and the purse, left at the first table, had been turned in to the lost and found. “No problem,” said her brother. On our way out, he commended the staff on their prompt restocking of the ladies’ room paper towels and asked if he could just get his purse back.


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