There are gnomes outside my window.

It’s the only explanation I can come up with. There are gnomes outside my window. And on my roof. I can hear them scrabbling around out there right now. It has to be gnomes. What else could get a Kobold as pissed off as Maimer is right now? Well, not right now. At the moment she’s too sound asleep to hear them. But usually when the things come scurrying around, she slams herself against the glass, practically foaming at the mouth with rage, gibbering like an insane Kobold. And the sadistic gnomes just keep taunting her.

And if anyone has ever wondered what sound a gnome makes, well eat your heart out, because I know. For your information, they go “caw caw.” And they fly. Glittergold’s honor.

Stay tuned for when I finally catch a glimpse of one. I’ll let you all in on what gnomes really look like. Maybe even snap its picture with my camera-phone.

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