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animal crack

wow.  ten days and no posts.  i'd say i was sorry, but i'm not.  see, i've been doing something very important with my time.  but now i've finally expanded my house, got 26,000 points with the HRA and acquired enough lucky items and good chi that the animals just hand me lava lamps and robo-walls out of the blue.  if you have no idea what the hell i'm talking about, you need to go here and see i'm not the only adult who's cuckoo for animal crack.  there should be a support group, but none of us actually wants help.  so maybe just a support group for friends and family to make them more UNDERSTANDING when i look at the clock and frantically scramble for my DS, shouting, "Oh NO!  i totally forgot i told Pudge i'd meet him at two!!"

it's no joke.  that little orange bear was PISSED.

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everything is edible

guh.  except whatever i ate tonight.  bleh.  i feel a lot like this guy.

i promise better postings in the future.  and more edible things.  like bunnies.

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