the makeover IS never over, doubletrue!

the stache is gone.  that's right, people, i'm discussing UNWANTED FACIAL HAIR with the WHOLE WORLD.  but, as a friend of mine once sagely said, "everyone needs hair removal."  so i forge on.  friends who know me might have noticed my growing obsession with my (albeit blonde) misstache.  the obsession was growing because the stache was, i swear.  after contemplating lasers, wax and maybe calling in some professionals, i just went old school on the stache's ass with a pair of tweezers yesterday.

of course, i could have chosen a better time to do it than during my morning routine.  YOU just try eating lunch at Friday's, surrounded by loved ones who are telling you bald-faced (no pun intended) lies about "looking fine" while you can feel the swelling impairing your speech.

but now that the inflammation has gone down, my lips are as soft and smooth as a baby's butt.  just kiss me and see!  but then you'll have to kiss a baby's butt.

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