you wish you had my friends

so yesterday i blogged about my piteously cold work environment and mere hours later kahaha wahine showed up randomly weilding a hot sandwich for me.  YEAH, you wish you had my friends.  but instead, you really should be thankful for your bowels.

because it was an EGG sandwich.  i am allergic to eggs.  but not like i-eat-nuts-then-i-die allergic.  it's more like playing russian roulette with my digestive system.

but there was SO MUCH LOVE in this sandwich!  i had to eat it.  I ATE THE LOVE!  yes, i ate that love and it was HOT, BUTTERY DELICIOUS even though i knew i would come to regret it later.

so THANK YOU, kahaha wahine, o better friend than me, for your SELFLESS ACT of BUTTERY DELICIOUSNESS!!

and i ended up not regretting it TOO much.  perhaps all that LOVE counteracted my allergy.  not something i would gamble my life on, but when it's just russian roulette with my large intestine, hell yes i'll play and eat me some DELICIOUS EGGY LOVE.

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1 Response to “you wish you had my friends”

  1. 1 Kahaha Wahine November 30, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    May I say….you are such a dork. 🙂 I think
    my favorite part of that was eating the "DELICIOUS EGGY LOVE."
    Oh. And you're so very welcome. I couldn't stand the
    thought of you freezing so muchly you couldn't even bleed!! (So, I came
    to make you bleed? No wait, that didn't come out right)!
    Anyway. Enjoy the eggi-love because eveidently I won't be giving you eggs anymore. 🙂

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