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hung up on myself

sorry for all the self-portraits, guys.  i really am not all that.  i'm just home sick, bored, and i've got all this imaging software at my fingertips.  as for all the photos of myself, i claim my recent weight loss as an excuse.  i honestly can't recognize the person in those photos, so i'll keep taking them until i look familiar.  in the mean time, it's fascinating.  for me, anyways. 😛

once again, sorry.  if you can't stand the self-indulgent deluge of self-portraits, then DON'T LOOK OVER THERE!  or i'll eat your face off!  (i won't really eat your face off, it's just that i realized i've been letting down on using that phrase lately.)

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don’t mess with the snowman

with permission, i submit a photo some friends of mine just posted on ringo:

i have confirmation: that IS an icicle stuck in his head.  it's a mohawk.  and, yes, a screw for a nose.  seriously the best snowman of my acquaintance, with extra points for the expressive pose.  he's either a formidable opponent or slightly overdramatic and prone to hysterical outbursts.  maybe both.  great watchman, either way.

thanks to B and G and the kids!

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i just barely heard of tagging, so was drunk with the novelty and unabashed egotism i felt from mariaelaina's recently tagging me.  i think i finally came up with a few interesting things.  i'm new to the whole tagging thing, so sorry it's so long!  i employed RANDOM CAPS to break things UP.

  • i hold a master's degree in FRENCH, speak it fluently, taught in universities for 3 years and have been to france twice, using a bohemian no-planning travel technique that once landed me and my sister at a deserted bus stop in the MIDDLE OF THE FRENCH WILDERNESS (auvergne) at midnight, HOPING a taxi was going to actually show up to take us to our remote castle hotel.

  • when i was a kid, i meant to be a SCIENTIST.  i saved all my BABY TEETH in a little plastic case and my cat's shed whiskers in a matching case.  i also carried around a (very outdated) year's subscription to ODYSSEY magazine everywhere i went.  it was heavy.  when i was about 11, my dad gave me a portion of the front garden to do what i wanted with it.  i dug a HUGE HOLE.  i harvested seeds from different weeds and planted them in neat rows.  and i maintained a large flat rock which i called the Pillbug Hotel.  happiest time of my life.

  • i took my beloved family cat away with me to college, where he DIED, was cremated and his ashes mailed home.  when i came back from college, i took one look inside the package and put it on the top shelf of my closet.  i haven't been able to face it since.  that was about eight years ago.  such an ignominious end.  it fills me with guilt.

  • i've completed TWO NOVELS for middle readers (about 50,000 words each) and never submitted either to anyone.

  • i had PNEUMONIA constantly as a child.  i lost count at 6 or 7 times.  one year i had it 3 or 4 times.  so i developed weird, sedentary, alone-time pasttimes:  i used to walk around the house holding a mirror flat in front of me so i could pretend i was WALKING ON THE CEILING.  i also used to make a PIG FACE in the mirror that both fascinated and scared me.  it still does.  or sometimes i'd stare at a fixed point in my room without blinking for as long as i could, then shut my eyes.  the ghost image of my room around me would be burned so vividly into my retinas that it would feel like my eyes were still open and i was sitting in some GHOSTLY, twilight version of my room, like a Van Allsburg illustration.  Sometimes it was fun, sometimes it was scary, mostly it was both.

is that five?  PHEW was THAT boring.  okay, my turn.  i tag dyer sophomore, piscis, the pants, rowdy redneck, and kahaha wahine.

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Vox Hunt: This Goes Out To All The Lovers

Audio:  Share a great love song.

Sway by the Perishers.  About reclaiming a friendship from the ruins of relationship.  Show me a bigger love.

07 Sway
The Perishers

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badasses R us

usually even something as devoid of spiritual activity as Ghosthunters is enough to threaten my bladder control with terror and make me stay up for hours later watching reruns of Spongebob to clear my mind before bed.

enter my unreasonable addiction to the show Supernatural.  here's how my mom explains it: "Aha. I see Reason 1 and Reason 2 why you watch this show."

see the reasons?

as it happens, what time these two brothers don't spend fighting evil or looking luscious, they spend ARGUING.  they have to have the SAME EXACT ARGUMENT at least once every episode.  in season one, the argument went something like this:

dean: *gets a shotgun out of the trunk* let's go kill this dead thing.
sam: why? i want to go to school! *whine*
dean: *gets out the colt revolver* because dad said so. when dad says kill, we KILL!
sam: how do you know what he says?  all you have is his dumb journal.
dean: *gets out a taser* and my 80s mullet rock.
sam: *pouts* my girlfriend's dead.
dean: *gets out an axe* and yet you live like a monk. now do as i say. i'm your big brother.
sam: but you're shorter than me.
dean: *gets out some gasoline* and way hotter. now get to killing.  i'm sick of looking out for your ungrateful ass.
sam: okay. but only because my girlfriend's dead.

THIS season, it's MUCH more interesting:

dean: *gets a shotgun out of the trunk* let's go kill this dead thing.
sam: not until we talk about what dad said [SPOILER] before he died.
dean: *gets out a semi-automatic* you mean like we talked about it last week?
sam: and the week before.  [MORE SPOILERS] you have to promise to kill me.
dean: *gets out a shovel* it won't come to that.
sam: but i have powers! *whine*
dean: *gets out a sledgehammer* power. just one. miming psychic headaches with exaggerated grimaces of pain.
sam: *mimes a psychic headache with an exaggerated grimace of pain* and to have premonitions that are too late by the time i have them! youre-going-to-get-out-a-machete!
dean: *gets out a machete* too late. also, you're too celibate.
sam: and you're really short.  promise to kill me.
dean: *gets out some rock salt* no. now let's get killing.
sam: *pouts* i'm the reason my girlfriend's dead!

see?  see the reversal of roles??  now SAM wants to obey their father and DEAN DOESN'T??  man, i had no idea that show could be so DEEP!  i was just watching it for the dudes!

this Supernatural for the Newbie is an even better description, if only because it has PICTURES!

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QotD: Can’t Type It Rihgt

What word(s) do you always make a typo in?

my brother can't type '-tion' words, which is unfortunate since his reports at work include a lot of production and installation.  we're not sure exactly what "INSTALLATINO" is, but my vote is for a product i would dub "Chayanne-in-a-Can": your very own hot latin singer in moments.  just add pan, pan, vino, vino.


ah, chayanne.  your ojos are my perdicion.

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wherein i propose that the font “Papyrus” has been used ENOUGH