crushing crashing atom smashing white hot things

ok, i've got my new character concept for the upcoming heroes campaign.  sadly, all it consists of right now is one photo and two songs.  but i've built characters on less.  check it out.

11 Little House
The Fray

nooooo, not the EVILS campaign, the HEROES campaign!  that's the blood of EVILDOERS that she's drenched in.  trust me.

something's scratching its way out…  could it be SUPERPOWERED ANGSTYNESS??  i cant wait to find out.

DISCLAIMER: the character concept put forth in this blog in no way has anything to do with the character Marie in the film Haute Tension, neither has the blogger even SEEN the aforementioned film, for she is too chicken shit.  rather, she is a fair-weather fan of Cécile de France and will continue to appreciate the bloody angst of her work from afar while indulging in her occasional light-hearted Jackie Chan comedy.

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3 Responses to “crushing crashing atom smashing white hot things”

  1. 1 Rachel April 3, 2007 at 12:28 am

    i admire your chicken shitness 🙂 i used to be such a fan of scary movies. my definition of "scary movies" is any horror, mystery, thriller, gory, ghost, creepy, kinda movie… mystery and thriller being more about killers than like just action… nowhutimean? anyway, lately i've become chicken shit myself and am not so much a fan of the gory, let's all be killed by mutant savage cannibals anymore… which i guess is a good thing!

  2. 2 Dylan April 3, 2007 at 9:24 am

    Damn, I'm just glad you're on our side.Awesome concept! Nothing says superpowered angstyness like blood-drenched clothes and a rotary saw. I can't wait to hear more details as you discover them! (Guess I better get to work more on my own concept, huh?)

  3. 3 Hand of Fate October 25, 2007 at 9:01 pm

    Ok, so I need to know how to put music on here! I want to post a song, and I see you've done that, so please tell me how!!

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