rhymes with underpants


like grifflet, i have yet to discover my next big craze, but tonight i got the opportunity to revisit an old one.  bear with me, i'm about to get serious.  and that means Methodical Capitalization.

I owe my love for Gilbert and Sullivan to pneumonia.  I spent so many weeks as a kid bedridden, surrounded by stacks of books and constantly playing Gilbert and Sullivan tapes (yes, TAPES) in a loop, that as soon as I hear the Pirates of Penzance overture begin, I can smell the Vicks, taste the cough syrup and feel the somnolence.

Now, I know G&S take a lot of flack for not being "serious opera" or for being trite, cliche, overdone, or perkily annoying (you shoulda seen lamassu's expression today when I could only stop singing "I am the very model of a modern major general" by substituting "With cat-like tread"–what can I say, I was excited for tonight).  But what does it matter to me what G&S is to others?  For 11-year-old Ernie, straining to belt out arias with her pre-pubescent voice, the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan were a world populated with simple people whose problems, though ridiculous, caused them great dramatic distress which I could safely enjoy along with their rapturous resolutions.  Bouyed up by Gilbert's humor, an audience is continually taken by suprise by the ethereal poignance of Sullivan's score, letting us feel the full serious impact of lyrics like, "He loves thee… he is gone."

And it was interesting to see how the Pirates of the Caribbean craze has taken its toll on the old classic.  This time around, every last orphan member of the crew was sporting Depp dreds and random bangles from his bandana.  Nevertheless, this was the most entertaining Performance of Penzance i have ever seen.  without resorting to lackluster attempts to spice up a familiar show with modernized jokes in the lyrics, Britain's Oldest Opera Company put new life into the performance with wonderfully Monty Pythonesque details like pirate puppet shows and Victorian bathers doing the backstroke chased by miniature ships.  I'd explain better, but this post is long enough.  Point is, it worked: even the large number of Depp fan-kids were captivated.

oh yeah.  and Samuel (bald guy on the left) was HAWT.  which was a novelty for that character.

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2 Responses to “rhymes with underpants”

  1. 1 Colleenist April 19, 2007 at 11:26 pm

    WHAT? YOU WERE THERE???So was I! in the fourth (and for the 2nd act second) row. huzzah!

  2. 2 Ernie April 19, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    SWEET!!! i was in the nosebleed section with all the other losers who didnt think to get their tickets until last week. shoulda guessed you'd be there, it's ACI!

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