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thanks for trying me out; just toss me back on the shelf with the rest of the bruised fruit.

just a note to one boy.

to the rest, i say: i'm onto you.

don't try me out.  don't play with me.  get your ass on the level before you make a grab for mine.

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it’s the little things. even little shoes.

i got home around 11:30 the other night, tired, lonely and a little bummed.

there was a package waiting for me.

from a friend who moved to colorado: inside were some kinder surprises, a wrapped package and a sweet card that said something about the gift being recycled but how lucky we both wore a size 5…

a tiny pair of vibram sandals!

so, almost midnight and i'm sitting in the middle of the living room floor amid wrapping paper and Maimer howling for attention while i peel off my dress shoes and socks, wiggle into the sandals and go springing around the room wearing my tired work clothes and a radiant smile.  who knew second-hand footwear from thousands of miles away could carry so much love right to where i was at that lonely hour of night?

gotta find a way to say thank you.

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