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look at my ball

we are making friends.

*sigh* i think this next coat might do it.

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i’m off the grid!!

the trusty brick phone is on its way out. it died for a whole 12 hours yesterday. wouldn't turn on or recharge or make any of its favorite you-have-messages tweety noises. since it's been about 5 years since buying the phone and signing a two-year contract, i think an upgrade is highly overdue. and since i frequently have problems with dropped calls and no signal, and i'm usually "roaming" when simply trying to chat in my own living room, i thought i'd check sprint's coverage before considering renewing with them. this is what i discovered: photographic (sort of) evidence that i live in sprint's who-cares-about-those-guys pocket.

do you see? do you see The Pocket? and that cartoony yellow pushpin is me, in a back room near a window, standing on one foot in case that helps. what the f, sprint? and t-mobile is no better. no android phone in my future, i guess. so i'm deciding between at&t and verizon, who apparently pwned all the towers in my area. only problem is they cost like TWICE what i pay sprint. all i want is unlimited texting for less than the price of my right kidney, is that too much, verizon? this is all the can-you-hear-me-now guys had to say:

Text Messaging
Fun, easy way to stay in touch. TXT Messaging is a two-way text messaging service. (!?!) Send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters, right on your two-way messaging-capable phone!!! $0.20 for messages received and $0.20 for messages sent. [emphatic punctuation added where appropriate.]

i love how verizon feels the need to DEFINE text messaging like they provide service mainly to DINOSAURS.  AND to charge 20 cents for messages coming AND going.

but they have pink phones. in the end, that may be all that matters.

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within just 24 hours of posting my first lolcats, it got recaptioned by 4 COMPLETE STRANGERS!! that means 5 Lolz have been made from my picture! 5 LOLZ!!! maybe that's normal, but being a first-time lolcats momma, i think it is due to the exceptional genius of my child–i mean baby—i mean cat.

this one's my fav. thank you, clever people, for your pithy captions. now i'm off to make some Lolz out of other people's babies.

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i’m having a ball (not really)

i started a project. the sharp and mod, yet warm and organic look of these string ball pendant lamps charmed me into believing their very simple assembly instructions. the sun has set on day two and the process is still in the stage you see above. undeterred by a fruitless death march through 5 stores before finding the short list of supplies (and i still have to buy one item off the internet) or by the fact that the yarn doesn't want to stay on the ball or harden up despite being drowned in almost two quarts of concentrated sta-flo liquid starch, i applied the final (fingers crossed) coat tonight and now have only to wait for my creation to dry.

i'm just not looking forward to showering with it tomorrow. again.

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mah kitteh’s first lolcats momma so prowd

just look at her dance her little heart out. actually she was sniffing a sock i'd just peeled off my post-DDR sweaty foot but july startled her just as i snapped the picture. it WAS going to be a picture of a cat on a DDR mat smelling a sock. NOW it is ART.

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food with a face

shelteriffic posted this great pic a while ago. how would you like ham that stares back?

what a look he's giving you!  i call it Instant Vegetarian.

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