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it’s so depressing… sorry, recessing.

Creature Comforts' most recent Chic for Cheap post confirms it. i can't afford to wear clothes. i'm coming to terms with the accepted definition of cheap: t-shirts at $16.50. shoes at $45. and my new phone plan (once i settle on one) won't be less that $50-$60/mo. maybe that seems normal to everyone else, but i used to get by spending less than $10 on clothing items and less than $30 on cell service and internet and my budget isn't designed to accomodate much more than that. how is it, as the economy slumps, the cost of living just keeps climbing out of my reach?

i am googling "recessionista." forget about "the other half" i want to know how my half lives, and how to look fabulous doing it.

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he’s just as surprised as you are

Astonished Jack-in-the-Box brought to you by puppet shows at your library.

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