this sucks… and not the fun way

I am so grateful for my beautiful new apartment right now. I am living on my own for the first time in my life and, instead of feeling devastatingly isolating in the wake of my break-up, my new home is a haven and an outlet for creative projects as I furnish and decorate it. And I am so grateful.

Because otherwise every night would be like tonight. Me rattling around with nothing to do, dwelling, crying… and eating Cupcake’s Easter candy that she forgot here last weekend.

I am sorry, Cupcake. I meant to keep it “safe” for you, but it started with the Reese’s egg and now I’m onto the jellybeans and the creme egg. And I don’t even LIKE creme eggs. The creme has entirely the wrong color, consistency and spelling. I’m sorry, Cupcake, that I am eating your creme egg all up and not even enjoying it.

That sounded so naughty I am somewhat cheered up.

And the day after tomorrow is payday and I’m going to buy myself some motherfuckin’ frames to continue my beer art project in my kitchen.

And some Easter candy for Cupcake.
(Requests, lady? Whoppers? Peppermint patties? Another chocolate bunny?)

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