Missed connections

Dear driver of the banana-yellow Scion headed south on Maple Grove around 1:30 pm today, bearing the nomenclature “Demon Hunter” with accompanying artwork on your rear doors:

I regret that I was so lost in thought that I stared at your impressive logo for a full minute without a spark of comprehension and finally changed lanes because you were going too slow. I was well past you before I actually said aloud to myself, “Wait a minute, did that car say ‘Demon Hunter’?” But by then you were a banana-like blot in my rear view mirror and traffic was such that I could not slow down to get another look. (You were going really slow.)

Are you really a demon hunter? How does one procure your services? Was there maybe a phone number on the car that I was too distracted to take note of? And is that your official business vehicle, like the Schwanns truck? Were you on OFFICIAL BUSINESS right at that moment? I hope so, though your speed would not entirely indicate as much. Unless you HAD been on a call and you were transporting a prisoner from, you know, the other side? And it somehow “got loose” and took over, heading instead toward the nearest Krispy Kreme at a comfortable mosey? That’s what I would do, were I hellspawn in possession of a human body and a sweet ride.

And how does one become a demon hunter? Aside from buying a retro-futuristic vehicle and shelling out 10 k for the custom paint, I mean. Is it really like Sam and Dean make it look? i.e. SEXIER THAN HELL? I hope so, though the car fills me with doubt.

So many questions I would have liked to have asked you.

Tinkerbell (driving the purple lily pad)

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