One for the books, or My record-breaking romantic kiss

I’m starting to think about getting into dating again (accepted my first date yesterday and started planning my outfit tonight with Pants and Cupcake!) and so i thought this the perfect opportunity to remind myself of how nicely even my least successful date can end:

this is my brief, memorable encounter with the guy we all now call “Parking Lot Jason” because he saved his best (ie only good) moves for the parking lot where we said goodnight. this was years ago, right after i’d broken up with the boyfriend who had given me my first kiss. i was innocent and my journal entry a little cheesy romance-style. forgive me. here it is:

We hadn’t hit it off, so he walked me to my car. Took my hand.

“I’d kiss you,” he said, “but I don’t want to be your second kiss…” Hesitation. “Unless you want me to…”

I laughed and thanked him and said goodnight. Goodnight. We turned away. I took a step, then heard his voice behind me.

“You know, you only live once.”

I turned toward him again, found his arms around me.

“So I’m going to kiss you…” Our faces were close. “…if that’s okay.” His lips pressed gently against mine, warm and soft yet strong. “And you decide,” he murmured. Another kiss. “When to stop.”

I closed my eyes and gave myself over to the kiss, tasting our mint breath and the lingering musk of his beer as his lips worked gently, slowly with mine. My hands came to rest on his shoulder and the back of his neck, pulling us closer as the kiss opened and deepened, his tongue pressing softly against mine as our excitement grew.

At last, my teeth found the fullness of his lower lip and gave a gentle, lingering bite before I bowed my head, breaking contact. He kissed my lips one last time. Stepped back, squeezed my hand.

“Goodnight, Tink.”


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