but me no have ice cream

i wish i had a post awesome enough to live up to that title, but i have to tell you instead that those are simply the first words that popped into my head when i woke up this morning.

weird, Subconscious. but i’ll take it. especially after the chaos you’ve been throwing at me lately, where my head is such a noisy place that every morning is like waking up to people arguing in my room. cave man cravings for desserts are welcome. thanks for speaking up, Brain Stem!

there has been only one other statement recently to awaken me fully formed like that. less dairy-related, but deep nonetheless, it was: “i was the most beautiful thing to come into your life since your children and you crushed me because i scared you.” i am grateful to have that bit of realization just handed to me, with no awareness of effort on my part. i’m thinking if i go to bed with my bills, yoga mat and a recipe or two what other things can i get done?

never mind. i’d rather dream about ice cream.

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