songs that are fun to yell

there is a song that i am a sucker for. every time it comes up in the shuffle, i crank the volume and roll down the windows so the whole world can hear me belting at the top of my lungs right along with Mama Cass.

that’s right, i’m singing, “MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC!!! SING YOUR OWN SPECIAL SOOOOOONG!!” sometimes there are tears streaming down my face. ok that was just that once, but it was a deep moment. the kind of moments you are likely to find in your life if you only give this song room in your heart.

i know, cupcake, you were hoping it would be Y.M.C.A. since I serenaded you with it that one time as i drove unsafely on the interstate. well, that was special too. and so was the time Hot Lunch’s brother and I mortified him by hanging out the windows of his car at a stop light, shouting to “Dancing Queen.” hey, his ex had absconded with all his Metallica and loaded his iPod up with ABBA, so we made the most of it.

ironically, when searching for this video, it was hard to find one that wasn’t Lost-related, thanks to Desmond playing the LP one episode.

Lost, you haunt me.

here it is. give it a listen. let it melt your cold, hard heart. EVEN IF NOBODY ELSE SINGS ALOOOOOOONG!

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