dragons, bears, clowns, zombies and the eye of sauron

Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half

okay, so first, The Original proposed to the Pants today. THE PANTS IS GETTING MARRIED!!! sorry, Pants, if that’s shocking to read in print! but it is true and also awesome.

second, The Original is the nickname we came up for the Pants’ boyfriend (now fiancé) while sitting in the Egg Factory on Memorial Day. by the way, “while sitting in the Egg Factory on Memorial Day” is now my favorite phrase. sorry, Original, if that’s shocking to read, but it is true and also awesome. also, sorry The Original trumped the Professor as a nickname. you know you are the Professor deep down, though. the beard proves it. it’s your professorialness coming out of your pores.

third, and almost as exciting, the Original introduced me to a new (for me) blog THAT I HAVE TOTALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH!!!! it’s by a GIRL who is also a GENIUS OF HUMOR. and this blog is ALSO ILLUSTRATED!! with hilarious, genius drawings! and the blogger is also FROM IDAHO! i am reading it and i am in heaven.

i am also beyond tipsy from all the celebrating with 8.5% delicious beers.

wait. “some horrific wonderland of confusion” is actually my favorite phrase. READ THE BLOG.

i know. i should always blog drunk.


2 Responses to “dragons, bears, clowns, zombies and the eye of sauron”

  1. 1 Dylan June 2, 2010 at 10:12 am

    I’m glad The Original introduced you to Hyberbole and a Half! Wil Wheaton turned me on to it a few months ago via Twitter, but I remember The Original Facebooking it too.

    And yes, you should always blog drunk.

    • 2 sexualreference June 3, 2010 at 12:25 am

      oooh! and maybe i should blog more of my geeky stuff so Wil Wheaton will make people read me on twitter also! should i mention how many seasons of TNG i own? too obvious? damn!

      and thanks for The Oatmeal! it is almost as awesome as pigs! according to the Oatmeal’s high rating of pigs, i mean.

      you know this means i will never again do work at work.

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