art feature: Troubling Men

Troubling Men

dealing with conflict 101:

when presented with a difficult work situation that you have little to no control over… make art!

this is the groundbreaking technique being pioneered by Cupcake and her fellow Picassos at the city library. in the face of malfunctioning technology and shady customers, these resourceful women get out their MS Paint and go to town, Hyperbole-style.

case-in-point: an email comes around that the printer-management machine is eating people’s money, IT has been notified, and there is nothing to do now but wait. WRONG! Cupcake responds to the email with a helpful: “I think I may have seen something like that the other day.  Please see attached picture.”

stunningly lifelike rendering, Cupcake. she notes in particular the presence of the “Jason Mraz Hat.” thank you, Cupcake, this will undoubtedly help in diagnosing the problem. Jason Mraz’s hats are known to lead to all sorts of mayhem, like rampant scatting.

not to be outdone, Cupcake’s fellow Picasso responds with a further development. SHADY CHARACTERS loitering about the machine.

noting the similar hats, Picasso suggests these troubling men may be the beast’s henchmen. troubling indeed, Picasso. the red hands, the long beckoning arms, the somnolent expressions and the Old World attire… it all adds up to something. i can’t wait to see further installments.

clearly we at the county library have been lax not to have been drawing mayonnaise for the last year.

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