my anger has a color and it is grapefruit

Digerati and Pants have both told me they want a picture of me buried under 15 pounds of grapefruit. Why? Because despite my eating of MAJOR CITRUS daily, I have again caught a cold. I just had an epic cold last month. I was at death’s door for THREE WHOLE DAYS of sick time. That is long enough for my place of work to forget me. Maybe it’s not long enough at your job. Maybe I am just forgettable. All the more reason why I can NOT afford this cold.

What was it, fate? Was it the dirty means by which I acquired this grapefruit? What, the epic walking and olympic swimming and increasingly early bedtimes not enough for you, immune system? Well fuck you, white cells. I don’t see YOU doing such a great job! I can’t do this health thing all on my own! I’m sleeping at 10 and walking at 8 and hoovering sour citrus and choosing salads over fried breading and popping vitamins and drinking water and crossing my ever-fucking fingers in the hopes I won’t catch EVERY STRAY WIMP-ASS GERM that passes near my nose-holes. And there’s a lot of them, immune system. So I’m sorry. I am sorry I work with germy children. I’m sorry I get spat on and snotted on and sometimes I can actually SMELL the grubby hands that hand me things. And speaking of hands, my nephew stuck his hand in my mouth on Friday. What was I supposed to do about that, immune system? How do you see a crazy move like that coming before it’s too late? You don’t. That’s what immune systems are supposed to be for. Grabby babies with oral fixations.

So I will NOT draw a picture of grapefruit burying me. I will draw a picture of my rage, world. And it goes a little like this:

That’s my IRONTEAM shirt. It is soaked with sweat and tears. And grapefruit-tinged angry spittle.


2 Responses to “my anger has a color and it is grapefruit”

  1. 1 Dylan Baker June 28, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    I’m afraid I will become the target of your terrifying rage instead of your very-deserving-of-blame white cells, but once I thought it, it could not go unsaid.


    There, I said it. (Oh, and I hope you feel better! Although I am capable of doing so, I don’t want to have science it up on my own this week. Show your immune system that illustration of your anger and scare it into shape!)

    • 2 sexualreference June 29, 2010 at 9:49 am

      ha! I have THOUGHT of your superbugs, o Digerati, and the problem with THAT is I know people with BOTH less healthy AND healthier lifestyles than me and NONE of them catch colds like I do.

      Besides, I’ve gotten more lax on hand-washing and I have been sufficiently wooed by aromatherapeutic lines of cleaning products to end my slavery to antibacterial marketing.

      SUPERBUGS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS (and i don’t doubt you can), it is no longer my fault if you come into existence and wipe us all out. so leave my damn sinuses alone.

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