taco salad and consequences

Cupcake: “What are you up to?”
me: “Not much. Trying not to shit my pants while I drive home.”
Cupcake: “That is fabulous. Any reason in particular?”
me: “There were some Filipinos at work today and they had a bunch of food.”
Cupcake: “Okay?”
me: “And they all wanted to give me their food, so I took it.”
Cupcake: “Wait–what?”
me: “I ate their food. Unexpected Filipino food for lunch.”
Cupcake: “Who are you right now?”
me: “I know. Part of me was thinking ‘This is a poor choice in the making’ but the other part was thinking ‘Free Filipino food’ and that’s the part that won.”
Cupcake: “Who were these random people and why did they have food at the library?”
me: “You sound like all my coworkers when I told them to come downstairs for tasty Filipino food. You are giving me the verbal form of their facial reactions.”
Cupcake: “Whaaaaaat…?”
me: “Exactly.”
Cupcake: “Wait, so what was this Filipino food like?”
me: “It was taco salad mostly.”
Cupcake: (silence)
me: “Taco salad. I’m burping Filipino taco salad.”
Cupcake: “I can’t get past any of this.”
me: “These are consequences. I am living some consequences. They were hard to see at the time because the consequences were at least three hours in the future and I was enjoying taco salad.”
Cupcake: “I think you should definitely blog this.”
me: “Maybe later. I’m home now and taco salad is about to explode out of my ass.”


8 Responses to “taco salad and consequences”

  1. 1 Jungle Cat August 15, 2010 at 10:24 pm

    Well that sounds like a damn nightmare.

  2. 3 motormouth August 16, 2010 at 1:26 am

    Hmmm…. ass salad. Doesn’t sound too appealing…

  3. 7 Jungle Cat August 18, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    “Taco Salad and Consequences” sounds like a great title for a book. You should write it! I mean I would totally read that book . . . even if I didn’t know the author. But since I do, it will make reading it even better. Wow – I can’t wait to read your great new book. So, you should really start writing it . . . soon . . . ’cause I’m bored. Thanks!

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