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dang that is some sweet cover

i just cant get over my own handiwork.  that book cover is so beautifully hideous, i cant stop gazing at it.

the best part of the dream, tho, was when i signed a copy for a fan with the dedication, "i hope a bug eats YOUR face off!"

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what if these bugs were so big they could EAT YOUR FACE OFF!

i just dreamed i authored a children's non-fiction book on insects by that very title.  i could see the cover and everything.  how 'bout it, huh?  huh?

now THAT'S what i call edutainment.  YEAH.  eat your FACE off, pbs!

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i’m famous! oh and we’re doing a play.

sorry for the cryptic post, people.  i needed to post this artwork somewhere i could access it from anywhere and vox fit the bill.  but now i've finally got time to plug our performance!!

Free and open to the public, The Adventures of Silence will take place Saturday December 2 at 2:00 and 7:30 and Monday December 4 at 7:30 in the McCain Room on the second floor of Albertsons Library on the campus of Boise State University.

i guess i kinda started at the end with that, didnt i?  oh well.  it's a play.  i get to be a crazy old hermity merlin dude.  i whack people with my walking stick, eat imaginary food and completely divest the heroine of her way of life.  fun stuff.  to learn more, go hereannapants and lamassu are totally in it, too.  the pants is the title character and lamassu is her mommy.

well i gotta go to bed now.  gotta buy my beard tomorrow.  and work on my diabolical cackle.

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