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mommy, why is the shark lying down?

today, i fell on my money-maker in front of 300 elementary students while wearing a shark costume.

we pretty much had them won over, too. they were laughing WITH us, not even AT us, at least as far as you can tell such a thing from inside a big posterboard shark head that keeps you from seeing your feet. Pants and I were waving and making our exit and that’s when i tripped on one of my flippers and gravity handled the rest.

it got really quiet. i tried to make a joke of it and flail my arms like “man overboard!” but since my arms were protruding from the shark’s posterboard mouth, it must have looked more like a struggle for survival, like a cross between National Geographic, Peter Benchley, and Elmo’s World.

because i was on work time and teaching values to children and driving my own vehicle, i will not even mention that i’m not sure i wasn’t still a little drunk from last night.

i think it goes WA-WA-WAAAAH

one of the ladies at work when she saw my outfit today asked "what's the costume for?"

i just KNOW there's a sound effect to go with that moment, it's just a matter of finding the RIGHT ONE.

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all dressed up…

are you affiliated with a college class attended by lamassu and annapants and somewhere in the boise area filming a movie set in the 1930s?  if so, then I CAN'T FIND YOU!!!  and frankly, i'm tired of wandering around in the freezing rain looking for a bunch of oddly-dressed students and a professor with a camera crew, even if i do look THIS AWESOME.

do you see now just how much realism i could have contributed to your anachronistic work?  but no, you chose to hide from me.  it's just too bad.  as toasty would say: you. get. nothing.  and see what you're missing?

see that's me searching all of boise for you, silent-movie-style.  are you crying yet?  you are, aren't you?  aww, don't cry.  i made my hat out of a paper bag.  and staples.

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so a hobbit, a boyfriend and a boy wizard walk into a blog

i'm not the only one to have pointed this out.  i'm just the only one to have photoshopped it.

it's the best i can do until i can get him to put on the curly wig or the specs and go to a premiere like that.

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