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life is like a box of SOMETHING

Ostrich: Sands of Time

Just saw Prince of Persia: Sands of Time tonight and my favorite thing in the whole movie was the ostrich. My favorite thing WOULD have been Jake Gyllenhaal if he had taken his shirt off more (or AT ALL), but since he didn’t, the ostrich gets #1. The ostrich had its shirt off the ENTIRE TIME. It doesn’t have anti-shirtless pretentions rooted in its early indy cred and Donnie Darko. It doesn’t rely on dreamily batting the ridiculous lashes of its moony gorgeous eyes. Although it could. It COULD.

draw one thing

This is the challenge I decided to give myself today. Draw one thing every day. Doesn’t matter what. Good, bad, ugly, wall-eyed (my favorite drawings are wall-eyed), just draw it and post it here. The only rules are: spend at least 30 minutes on it and put finishing touches such as a background and drop shadows when appropriate (and I always think drop shadows are appropriate) so that it’s more than just a lazy scribble.┬áThis way I hope I’ll get more dedicated to my art, get into a habit of creation rather than waiting on inspiration, and start to develop a cohesive style. So without further ado…

It is ON.

enter Cupcake

the newest in my series of portraiture.


and also i’ve been practicing drawing.