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hung up on myself

sorry for all the self-portraits, guys.  i really am not all that.  i'm just home sick, bored, and i've got all this imaging software at my fingertips.  as for all the photos of myself, i claim my recent weight loss as an excuse.  i honestly can't recognize the person in those photos, so i'll keep taking them until i look familiar.  in the mean time, it's fascinating.  for me, anyways. 😛

once again, sorry.  if you can't stand the self-indulgent deluge of self-portraits, then DON'T LOOK OVER THERE!  or i'll eat your face off!  (i won't really eat your face off, it's just that i realized i've been letting down on using that phrase lately.)

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dang that is some sweet cover

i just cant get over my own handiwork.  that book cover is so beautifully hideous, i cant stop gazing at it.

the best part of the dream, tho, was when i signed a copy for a fan with the dedication, "i hope a bug eats YOUR face off!"

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what if these bugs were so big they could EAT YOUR FACE OFF!

i just dreamed i authored a children's non-fiction book on insects by that very title.  i could see the cover and everything.  how 'bout it, huh?  huh?

now THAT'S what i call edutainment.  YEAH.  eat your FACE off, pbs!

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