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getting un-freaked out

Getting all freaked out over nothing is my family’s style. Even genetic, perhaps. The less time I spend with them and the more I spend with friends who are less inclined to freakouts (but who inherited different entertaining quirks from their families), the more calm I tend to be. My sister is getting married. Wedding prep = increased stress + increased family time. Needless to say, we are all freaking each other out.

I was freaking out about something today on my way from one wedding stop to another and suddenly made a familiar Susan Piver realization: there is nothing happening to me right now. Nothing bad is actually happening.

Then I made a second realization: the problem is not the situation, the problem is my reaction to it. Separating the situation and my reaction helped me set my emotional response aside and focus on the situation. I calmed, my mind cleared and a solution presented itself.

Conclusion. You can change your life outlook and how you come at things is under your control. If I can come from the Freakout Family and do it, anyone can!

nose fruit (a cautionary tale)

we're eating sunday lunch at our favorite french cafe around (the only french cafe around. see below:)

and my Adorable Niece aged just 22 months (she's a genius!) wolfs down her fruit just so she can drink the juice at the bottom of the bowl.  this is her favorite part.  she has discovered that finishing the fruit is best done first, before tipping the bowl's contents onto her face.  (see?  genius!)  this time, when she puts the bowl down, there is a bit of pineapple stuck to the end of her nose.

"you have fruit on your nose!" i exclaim.

astonished, she removes the pineapple for examination.  she looks at me, processing.  points to her nose, says, "nose."

my niece's genius delights me.  i nod.  "nose fruit!" i proclaim.

to this, she responds by meditatively cramming that pineapple chunk as far up her left nostril as she can before the entire table of adults yell, "gah!!"

surprised and confused, my niece gazes around at us and breathes thoughtfully through her nose.  the pineapple flaps gently back and forth in there.

fear not, her father (my brother) extracted it safely, but the damage was done.  for that lunchtime at least, I assumed her grandfather's place as the Bad Influence.  this aunt thing is a tough gig.  after all the choked back swear words and missed opportunities for off-color jokes, what finally gets me… is nose fruit.  add that one to the mental list of "banned until she's thirty."  or at least old enough not to shove food into the wrong facial orifices.

i couldn't resist though: when loaning her mother a crumpled kleenex from my pocket later, i had to vouch for its cleanliness.  i whispered, "no nose fruit."

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Get glad

I’m making like a freakin’ Pollyanna and playing the Glad Game. I am glad that at least now I can quit checking the mailbox every day. It was really getting irritating, especially in the rain.

I don’t really have anything else to say, but this is my last chance to post this year, since I’m going to a family New Year’s party in a few minutes. So I wanted to post. And use my little angry sphinx emoticon.

My Kobold Kompanion is super needy tonight. When she gets super lovey like this, she just wants to purr and chew on my foot, which really really hurts. It’s worse when she uses her claws. It worries me a bit that my foot tastes so good to her…

Tired but wired

Just got home. Maybe that’s not late for you guys (whoever you are, reading this) but for me it feels sepulcral. Okay, not really the right word, but I’m going for feel not literal meaning at this hour. Late night last night and it looks like I’ll be out really late tomorrow night, too. Suddenly I have a social life. This is entirely new to me. I come from a long and noble family tradition of vegging out every night until about nine when we turn in. At our house, we call it “assuming the position”, which might sound dirty to some of you, but it just means once the dinner dishes are cleared away, Dad, Mom, me and sis adjourn to the family room and take up our informally assigned seats (recliner, love seat, rocker and floor respectively) where we stare at various home improvement programs and That Seventies Show syndicated re-runs until it’s late enough that we don’t have to feel ashamed of going to bed. Recently we’ve discovered the Colbert Repor(t), which has given us a new reason to stay up til ten.

That was my life.

Now I’ve got all these friends who are so into doing things that I’m almost never home anymore. It feels great, like I’m really alive! But I also miss the quiet old days with the fam. But it’s okay, I can do them both: I just need to set aside quiet time. It’s a skill I just haven’t fully mastered yet.

Well, gotta get to bed. Working the late shift tomorrow and then straight to JBX for fun. (Why did that JBX thing fail??)

Under the big top

Well, the fam is acting more like themselves today. A little vacation will do that. Here’s an example of “normal” at my house: I came downstairs to find Dad at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the yellow pages. He immediately starts quizzing me on things like, “What do you call a group of jellyfish?” and “If you call a dog’s tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have?” I thought he’d gone crazy until I tried to peek over his shoulder at the phone book and he slapped a hand over the page to hide the answers. I never noticed this before, but apparently our yellow pages have trivia tidbits on every page. I guess it’s just in case, after discovering that all the places that can change your tires are closed because it’s the day after Christmas, you might feel instead like finding out that a group of jellyfish is called a smack.

And in case you’re curious, the dog still has just four legs because, according to Abraham Lincoln, calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it so. We also learned that a group of crocodiles is a float and when a bunch of emus get together, it’s called a mob. Large numbers of emus must be a lot scarier than I ever realized.