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Hyperbole and a Half

Hyperbole and a Half

okay, so first, The Original proposed to the Pants today. THE PANTS IS GETTING MARRIED!!! sorry, Pants, if that’s shocking to read in print! but it is true and also awesome.

second, The Original is the nickname we came up for the Pants’ boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) while sitting in the Egg Factory on Memorial Day. by the way, “while sitting in the Egg Factory on Memorial Day” is now my favorite phrase. sorry, Original, if that’s shocking to read, but it is true and also awesome. also, sorry The Original trumped the Professor as a nickname. you know you are the Professor deep down, though. the beard proves it. it’s your professorialness coming out of your pores.

third, and almost as exciting, the Original introduced me to a new (for me) blog THAT I HAVE TOTALLY FALLEN IN LOVE WITH!!!! it’s by a GIRL who is also a GENIUS OF HUMOR. and this blog is ALSO ILLUSTRATED!! with hilarious, genius drawings! and the blogger is also FROM IDAHO! i am reading it and i am in heaven.

i am also beyond tipsy from all the celebrating with 8.5% delicious beers.

wait. “some horrific wonderland of confusion” is actually my favorite phrase. READ THE BLOG.

i know. i should always blog drunk.

three good things

One. Beyond Blue is always so informative and thought-provoking (thank you Cupcake for the many articles you’ve forwarded me) but I found the video portion of this post particularly encouraging today.

Two. I am finding funny blogs to read. (thank you funny bloggers!) And speaking of dreams, i took a two-hour nap today and dreamed I was sleeping in an abandoned restaurant and there were skiers outside my windows, waiting in line for the ski lift.

Three. I went out to dinner with the Pants. While we were waiting for our table, the lobby suddenly filled up with prom goers in mile-high heels, up-dos, sequins and satin. Awkward eye contact ensued. I was so focused on NOT staring at the strangers in fancy dresses that it was a while before I realized I was full on staring at the Pants’ boobs instead.

I don’t think she minded.

something for zazu to read

because she asked for reading material.  i totally hear ya.

…what, me?  no, I'm not going to write it, psh!  that takes effort!  whaddaya think i am, a blogging machine??  i need SLEEP!

but here are some of my favorite blogs:

Double Fine Action News a blog masquerading as the news updates from the creators of the Excellent Game Psychonauts.  Highly serialized.  For best humorous effects, go here and start at the bottom.  (whoops, i got so excited there, i started capitalizing!)

the defective yeti   funny.  incisive.  in seattle.  if you're like me, you skip the politics and go straight to the conversations, the humor, or the really random stuff.

Mighty Girl  also funny.  makes me read poetry sometimes, which i like, because i'm too lazy to do it on my own.

hope you enjoy.

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