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if only i had Desmond’s freaky immunity to lethal levels of electromagnetism

well, i’m dating again.

i went on my first first-date in almost a year last night. the follow-up date today went much better.

with Hot Lunch, i’d found an unprecedented level of kinship. i’d never had a boyfriend who was a best friend, someone who cracked the same jokes as me, liked a lot of the same stuff as me, had so many of the same thoughts i had. being with Hot Lunch felt like home. because i’d never experienced anything like that before, i thought that i’d found IT. the one. and subconsciously i felt done with dating.

finding myself single again has been disorienting. this is not my life. i’m done with dating. the whole awkward getting-to-know-you-stranger-whom-i-might-be-kissing-later-or-maybe-not-that’s-cool-too thing. done.

but it’s not the same old game this time. i’m a tiny bit older and a freaky amount wiser and more sure of myself. comfortable with being myself around anyone and open to learning about others without fear or agenda.

i’m enjoying dating. i’m learning about people, i’m learning about myself, i’m learning about life. my life wouldn’t be as complete without what i’m experiencing now.

omg! watch out! i sense a LIFE IS LIKE LOST moment coming:

Lost. Like life, only badder.

it’s like dating is the Island and I’m realizing it’s not quite finished with me yet. as i went about my day today, shopping for TP (it’s about time, it was dire… down to two pieces of kleenex in the house) at the Fred Bear and flirting with Candle Guy at Pier 1, i kept hearing Charles Widmore’s voice in my head.

i am ready for the adventure.

kidnap me, strap me to a chair and bombard me with electromagnetic waves, because i am like Desmond.

only like a female version and not with the hot accent. but with the same level of hotness overall.

you get the idea.