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so gassy

but otherwise much better.  thank you all for bein there.

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just so sad

not much to do about it.

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BAM! i’m catwoman

so i'll admit it: i've been laying low, avoiding vox because lately it's been a pretty painful place for me to be.

but now it's time.  i'm takin' vox back.  that's right people, just like porchmonkey.
disclaimer: Clerks II reference, i am not in the habit of using the word "porchmonkey" nor do i believe the word "porchmonkey" to be in any way redeemable so please address any "porchmonkey" hatemail to jay and silent bob.

i don't really have anything else to say, except lookit this picture of me as Catwoman!

i even come with my own sound effect!
disclaimer: batman pasted to conceal the identity of an innocent child.  batman not to scale.

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this is the saddest post i will ever make

just to let you guys know, tiger and i are over.  it was a beautiful three months.  we are a perfect couple in every way except one: incompatible religions.  so basically we're a match made in heaven, just different versions of it.

bring on the awkward get-togethers, the sexual tension among friends, the parties and game sessions where two people still in love look across the room at each other in impossibility.  and you all get to be a part of it!  not to mention going through it all again when one of us starts dating someone else, like busting a scab open all. over. again.  i know.  love is beautiful that way.

so i go out of 2006 the way i went in: available and on the market.  cmon, come to my house guys, come on and come to my house, dudes dudes!  ah i'm freakin hilarious.

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