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i’ll have to demonstrate my bird dance for you soon

My coworker Motormouth went to her first Nia dance class the other night. Since I’ve been considering Zumba lately, I was really interested in her experience. As you can tell from her name, Motormouth’s talking valve is just like mine. When we attended PLA together, I’m pretty sure we both wore our talking valves out. And our drinking-margaritas valves. But that’s another story.

Here, I learned that asking Motormouth to tell a story is as entertaining on IM as it is in real life:

[me]: hey!
[me]: how was dance last night??
[motormouth]: OMG! I can’t believe I haven’t given you a demonstration yet!
[motormouth]: It was like a scene from a movie…
[motormouth]: the Native American tribal dance around the fire…
[motormouth]: and I…
[motormouth]: was the BIRD!
[motormouth]: C.R.A.Z.Y
[motormouth]: and awesome
[motormouth]: I’ll have to demonstrate my bird dance for you soon. I pretty much rocked it.
[motormouth]: Hahah!!! Get it!
[motormouth]: Rock n’ robin!
[motormouth]: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Did you die?


nsfw IM (hot stuff!) ;) ;)

[colleague]: I lost my screen saver and I’m hoping that you’ll know where to fond it! Whe u have time of course. Hope u r feeling better…

[colleague]: Oops, find it.

[me]: ha!

[me]: i could fond it for you too!

[me]: but you have to take me out to dinner first!

[colleague]: maybe not at work though…

[colleague]: LOL!!!

[me]: HA!

[me]: awesome

[colleague]: I think I need a cigarette!

IM important

IM conversation between Erin (me) at the Outer Rim and Dylan (musegryph) at the main branch:

Erin: the screensaver here says “You are an important part of the team”

Dylan: A not-so-subliminal message, huh?

Erin: yeah… unless i’m staring off into space like i was a few minutes ago. i think some morale slipped in by accident.

Dylan: Quick! Beat it down, Erin! You can’t let it get to you.

Erin: arrrgh! fighting… back… the warm… fuzzies!

Dylan: Never let morale get the best of you!