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life is like a box of SOMETHING

Ostrich: Sands of Time

Just saw Prince of Persia: Sands of Time tonight and my favorite thing in the whole movie was the ostrich. My favorite thing WOULD have been Jake Gyllenhaal if he had taken his shirt off more (or AT ALL), but since he didn’t, the ostrich gets #1. The ostrich had its shirt off the ENTIRE TIME. It doesn’t have anti-shirtless pretentions rooted in its early indy cred and Donnie Darko. It doesn’t rely on dreamily batting the ridiculous lashes of its moony gorgeous eyes. Although it could. It COULD.

friends share special times together

While not the most IMPORTANT thing that happened on my birthday yesterday, this was certainly memorable. And not the kind of memorable moment that can be planned, either, which makes it like a little unexpected treasure along the path of life and turning 35.

While eating rice bowls outside of Zen Bento in Eagle, we all witnessed a pinecone whack Sis in the back of the head. Sis’s look of surprise was mingled with tinges of personal outrage that can’t be truly captured by mortal pen or digital stylus. For those of us there, memory must suffice.


Gustav quickly perceived that duck hats had never gained popularity in this timeline.

bad Mochi

The other day I was at Cupcake’s and spied her deliciously grapefruit-scented organic spray cleaner sitting on the counter, so I spritzed the air and inhaled deeply. It smelled like feet. I noticed the label had been written over in Cupcake’s handwriting. The words BAD MOCHI! in garish silver paint pen told me that i had just sprayed vinegar water in my own face.

How could I forget you, Mochi? Here, little guy. You’re back in the picture. Here’s hoping you get through today without eating any chapstick or panties because that stinky foot spray in the face is no fun.

enter Cupcake

the newest in my series of portraiture.


and also i’ve been practicing drawing.

Hans still believed in fairies

Hans still believed in fairies. He did, he did, he did.