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maybe it was that only depressed people get drunk on a Thursday

woke up to this journal entry from last night. at least i knew it was Apil.

first impressions are total bollocks

a while ago, i ran across an old (10/7/04) journal entry i had made about my initial impression of grifflet, who i first met erroneously as the guy who got the job i wanted primarily due to better attendance.  the entry was such a rude commentary, so uncharacteristic of me and so grossly inaccurate regarding grifflet, that of course i just had to post it here for the world to see. :D  (hey, and plus grifflet said i should, so.)

…And the guy they hired… does he actually DO anything?!?  Every time I walk by, he's just sitting at the desk looking vapid.  But at least he's there 100% of the time, doing nothing.  He never calls in to say he's too sick to sit at a desk and stare at things.

i think it's particularly fitting that a mere 3 weeks later was the first of many times i'd have to eat these bitter, petty words: namely that Halloween when grifflet showed up to work as a blood-soaked zombie.  since then i've come to know him as the ringleader of the revolution at work, a kick-ass GM, a generous friend, a scary-smart dude and a surrogate big brother.

i shudder to think of life's near wrong turns and the great things we'd never know we'd missed if we got everything we wanted when we wanted it.

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