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gotta pee

Working the public desk. Putting the final touches on a girl’s request form while she waits. You become aware of another child hovering nearby awaiting his turn to ask a question.

What’s remarkable about this situation is THE CHILD IS VIBRATING INTENSELY. Something between a convulsion and maybe some kind of high-speed version of the Humpty Hump is going on in this child’s body. You look up to make eye contact or at least rule out seizure and are greeted by this face:

You: “Do you have a question?”
Child: “W-w-where’s your b-bathroom?”

This is when you leap up so fast you almost knock over your chair and you run him to the bathroom. It’s been 92 days since you had to get out the SuperSorb and you’ll make it to 93 even if it’s over the mown-down bodies of innocent bystanders.

Kids. Using their powers of courtesy for evil.


she finally did go. (in case you were concerned.)

hung out with Hot Lunch for the first time tonight. but the most important detail was hearing that when he took his kids to the circus the day before i went, they actually walked around the ring during intermission and TALKED TO LEO.

do you know what i was doing during intermission? carrying niece one bodily back from the restrooms and ignoring her pleas to go on the “bouncy” thing because i still needed to take niece two on her potty run.

i could have been brushing elbows with a comedic celebrity of sorts, but instead i was helping a 3 year old perch on a public toilet seat, listening for tinkling that wouldn’t come, asking, “do you need to go? you don’t need to go?” and getting nothing but enthusiastic nodding and smiling in response to both questions.