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is that a huge me?

yes.  am i the vainest person in the world?  maybe.  but mostly i'm waiting around to get sleepy enough to go to bed and playing with banners seemed a good thing to do.

but now i'm staring at myself.  i mean i am staring at me.  i mean that me is staring at me.  and frankly it's–i'm–starting to creep me out.

huh.  must be time for bed.

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hung up on myself

sorry for all the self-portraits, guys.  i really am not all that.  i'm just home sick, bored, and i've got all this imaging software at my fingertips.  as for all the photos of myself, i claim my recent weight loss as an excuse.  i honestly can't recognize the person in those photos, so i'll keep taking them until i look familiar.  in the mean time, it's fascinating.  for me, anyways. 😛

once again, sorry.  if you can't stand the self-indulgent deluge of self-portraits, then DON'T LOOK OVER THERE!  or i'll eat your face off!  (i won't really eat your face off, it's just that i realized i've been letting down on using that phrase lately.)

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downer alert

ran across an old poem of mine that describes a feeling that has snuck up on me again tonight.  it's been a long time since i've felt this fragmented, purposeless and crowded in my head.

I am where reflection splinters
I have grown already old
I am heavy with guileless winters
And all the failure this body can hold.

In hidden places I am tangle-souled,
The crush of selfs spins funhouse dizzy.
In quiet spaces I am left alone
With vampire's glass, empty, silent and cold.

I am a whirlpool of fleeting glimpses,
Fractured images,
Fragments shifting.
I am a blind, broken mirror,
Churning water, sightless,
That swallows and seethes.

not to worry.  probably just need some good old-fashioned sleep.  and maybe to vaccuum my place once in a while, sheesh, slobby.

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all dressed up…

are you affiliated with a college class attended by lamassu and annapants and somewhere in the boise area filming a movie set in the 1930s?  if so, then I CAN'T FIND YOU!!!  and frankly, i'm tired of wandering around in the freezing rain looking for a bunch of oddly-dressed students and a professor with a camera crew, even if i do look THIS AWESOME.

do you see now just how much realism i could have contributed to your anachronistic work?  but no, you chose to hide from me.  it's just too bad.  as toasty would say: you. get. nothing.  and see what you're missing?

see that's me searching all of boise for you, silent-movie-style.  are you crying yet?  you are, aren't you?  aww, don't cry.  i made my hat out of a paper bag.  and staples.

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good thing i took that photo yesterday

because today, i have a huge ginormous zit renting space on that prominently featured left cheek.  that's right.  happy birthday to ME.

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