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morning, stinky.

Man, my neighbor is so stinky it’s unbelievable. It is not to be believed. Beautiful cool morning outside and I have my patio door closed because I’m tired of smelling my neighbor’s stinky ass apartment. Take a bath, Smells.

Speaking of neighbors, I’m happy to report that Yells (though AWESOMELY entertaining) moved out and was replaced by Silent Brooding Porch Smoker (less entertaining, but less annoying). Also the Thursday Night Partiers moved out, leaving a vacancy and a possible arsonist? If the next mysterious fire reaches my apartment, I’ll let you know. It would have to make it through Smells’ defenses first, though, and I have a feeling that dense wall of odors could choke out an inferno. It’s like a superpower.

I wonder what names my neighbors have for me? Thunder-from-Above? Naughty Nightie Streaker?


funny you should mention peanut butter.

my niece, now two and a half, has developed a new habit.  whenever discussing a random object such as a chair, the cat or mommy's bracelet, she suddenly demands, "i smell it!"  we're like, "okay, go ahead and smell it."  after she's given it a good, audible whiff, we ask, "what does it smell like?" to which she invariably replies, "peanut butter."

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